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The Humanure Book (un clásico) se puede descargar aquí:



Amazing collection of eco sanitation case studies,

research, use of urine and feces in gardens, practical solutions...



David Blume and “Alcohol can be a Gas”


David Blume makes the powerful argument that ethanol is simply liquid solar power, through fermentation, the starch and sugar have simply been removed. What is left after that process is a far superior feed for livestock than raw, untreated corn. ..





Steve Read is Stella's PDC tutor,


and he sent this to the open pc list, can use this as a resource.



De: steveread(at)free(dot)fr

Fecha: 6 de enero de 2008 08:20:17 GMT+01:00

Para: International Permaculture List

Asunto: Re: Permaculture International blackwater system leads needed

Responder a: International Permaculture List



We have a home scale bio-gas plant and I'm in the process of building the 2nd

model based on a 'transcube', it has an tube for sliding in garden/kitchen

material and a future refinement, if I find the money was to add a ' Sani

broyeur ' toilet into the loop, these as you probably know have a pump at the

rear and push the material down a relatively small pipe 20mm, they are designed

to let people put a toilet quickly where they can't run a 100mm waste pipe.

Anyway this would simply pump into the biogas tank. There is also the 'bark pit'

option but this requires space, investment and a friendly farmer.


Buddhafield use Johnny thunderboxes toilets at their festival which again are

made from transcubes and then left to ferment and compost before being emptied,

one person with visitors would take some considerable time to fill one of these.

Ragmans lane in the UK simply have a wheelie bin in a space beneath the

'toilet', so stacking in a night soil operative to wheel away from time to



From your Aloha I assume you are in Hawaii, in Australia etc there are

successful solar drier toilets. And of course there are the comercial electric

drier toilets which take up no more real space than a wet toilet.


Hope to hear more about the solution you choose.









Permaculture mailing list








De: steveread@free.fr

Asunto: Permaculture International home scale biogas plant design

Fecha: 6 de marzo de 2008 00:52:52 GMT+01:00

Para: permaculture@openpermaculture.org

Responder a: permaculture@openpermaculture.org



Hallo Jerome


The old model was based on an old water bowser of 2000 ltrs, it had a secondary

heating coil that went to a solar panel, it was batch loaded and then the gas

fed to a container where it pushed up a head of water to give pressure. The tank

eventaully rusted through.


Transcubes are 1000 ltr containers more properly called IPC's there's a picture

of one here http://www.specialtyequipment.com/products/fatotfil/index.htm apart

from that difference and that we will continue to use the original gas

container, except at much lower pressure the design is not too different to the

Indian one. We will install a secondary heating coil and as before the entire

unit is covered in straw bales and then old silage cover.


This version will be a continuous flow with a big hopper in and an outflow to a

container again similar to the Indian one.. Refinements would revolve around

having a shredder built onto the inlet to chip up the bigger inputs although our

major input is grass/clover mix, after that kitchen waste and dry toilet waste.

Basically the insulation and heating coil help extend the season but we are

still expecting to have a big gassing period spring/summer and autumn and to

store the gas, which we haven't yet tried but should be fun.


The project is slightly on hold as we putting all available cash into Vardo

construction for our "campsite", I'm trying to build it with off the shelf bits,

which frankly is a lot harder than just banging something together with what I

got in the workshop, but means that anyone could reproduce it. Yes we expect to

have 2 or more tanks eventually.


Hope that helps, I will be putting up the blueprints, spec, materials list etc

as soon as I checked it works ok, in the meantime

http://www.arti-india.org/content/view/46/43/ is up and running and they may

well give/sell you plans.


David may well be right though that bio-gas is only really good in hotter

climes, higher average annual temperatures here mean that the econonmics of

using gas to heat the tank may improve at least by extending the season. Or it

could stay a make bio-gas while the sunshines!


Be interested to hear from your student Stella, she should contact David too

who's the real expert.









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